Thanks everyone for your support. I really am ok with Ampersand and his testicles – some of my favourite people are men, and though my projections for my immediate future are having to be altered slightly, I do see the upside of having a boy.

The depression is more about moving. Firstly, the massive amount of work involved in moving a three bedroom house full of stuff, and secondly, it’s about dealing with change.

Though the house we are moving to is gorgeous, and we’ll own it one day, and we won’t have to worry about putting pictures on the walls or painting it orange, it is a pretty big change.

I’ve lived most of my life around here, close to family and familiar landmarks and shops, and I tend to be resistant to any change. I crave it, but I hate it at the same time.

This house has been the stage for some of my happiest moments, and though I hope the new house will be even happier, it’s a family house. Mark and I are moving from the carefree days of youth to the responsible days of grown upness, and the symbolic change requires a bit of respect.

Add to all this the fact that my middle has ceased to resemble a waist, and I seem to have pinched a nerve in my lower back, and (on reflection), it’s no surprise that I’m feeling a wee bit sorry for myself.

But I will get over it, and having good support helps a lot 🙂

4 thoughts on “Grumbles”

  1. Dear little mother, get used to delegating. You will hate it, but when someone offers to help pack, lift, clean, just let them. Its a real challenge moving when pregnant, but then its over and you can settle in and really, when your car is back up to speed, nowhere in Sydney is really all that far away. Hugs to you and the small one.


  2. Only just caught up on your posts. Sorry to hear that you’ve had some downs. Hope there are some ups heading your way soon. Glad that everyone’s okay after the car prang, especially little ol’ ampersand. Give me a buzz if you want a chat or come over if you’d like some baby cuddles. Alex is happy to cuddle anyone and everyone these days as he has a bad case of the sniffles and is feeling rather sorry for himself.


  3. Don’t you worry my sweet – I will be a ladyboy of leisure next week and will make tea and entertain you whilst I assist with packing and moving (I promise not to break or damage anything)… Try not to feel too anxious about changing to a new area – You, Mark and the creatures are the real reason that you have been happy at club Denistone – so your new abode will be even fabulouser, cause it will be club Denistone with shiny new short person! Have you considered Nostrodamus as a name?


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