We signed

With half an hour to go till the open for inspection, we signed the contract. There are a few anomalies, but hopefully nothing we can’t overcome.

We then went to the open, where quite a few people had shown up, and were very disappointed to hear that the house was off the market. In retrospect, we were thrilled that we had taken the risk of paying the deposit – we’re pretty sure that if we hadn’t paid the deposit then we would have been gazumped.

As Lien pointed out, there are no guarantees that the vendor and the agent will behave in an ethical manner, but after having a long chat with Theresa (the vendor), we were much calmer and happier about the whole situation.

The valuation was done early this morning, so we should have an answer back from the credit union by wednesday at the latest. So please keep everything crossed for us.

In the meantime, I think it’s safe to show you the house.

PS. Yesterday, we booked in to Hornsby Hospital. We chose to see the student midwife team, and I’m booked in for a doctors visit next wed, then friday I will have the 18-20 week ultrasound (I’ll be 19 weeks next friday). So by this time next week, we will hopefully know whether Ampersand is a boy or a girl, and where we’ll be living when he/she is born. Exciting times.

PPS. A huge thank you to David for all the advice and hand holding. We definitely felt a lot better about this after speaking to him!

7 thoughts on “We signed”

  1. That is a neat place – ducted air conditioning, “sparkling” timber floorboards, spa bath – sheer luxury. Get a few nice native trees in that little patch of grass and it will be perfect. Well done to you both for getting through that stressful time and hopefully the worst of it is over.


  2. What a week you’re going to have! Keep in touch and let me know how everything goes. Are you going to tell us what sex Ampersand is or do we have to wait? If it’s a girl, will it be Ampersandra? A boy, Ampersandrew?


  3. Christophe: My stitches will be crossed for you.

    mmmmmmmistttraaaaal sez mie i’s r crossedd 4 yew….ngeow..

    Andrew: this whole house buying thing is very confusing, but after reading your blog twice, I understand that the news is still good. ARGH! the suspense is killing me!


  4. Oh the house is lovely but I nearly had a conniption at the price!!! I feel your pain and angst!! I’m glad live here where houses are a bit cheaper!!! Congratulations!!!


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