Custard had a very long surgery, and it took him a long while to recover his appetite afterwards. He’s now doing really well – eating like a voracious wildebeest, and acting like he isn’t missing half his face. He had his first antibiotic shot yesterday, and I honestly think it was harder for me than it was for him. I have never been good with needles, the fact that I am able to do it at all is testament to my love for this little guy.

Tuesday night wasn’t a good one for me. More explosive spewing, but thankfully it was all over within half an hour, and I didn’t need to go to hospital. I wasn’t able to take the anti nausea medication though, and yesterday was horrible. I was wondering whether the Restavit was actually working, as I still feel nauseous after taking it, but yesterday proved that it does work – I could barely get out of bed yesterday after skipping a dose. Horrible.

I have received a few packages in the post in the last week – and I haven’t even opened two of them! One because the smell of the plastic absolutely kills me (I also have a magazine I can’t read because of the smell!), and the other mainly because I am a crappy secret pal.

I joined the knitters treat exchange as a test to see if I could handle a “light” version of the secret pal idea. I quickly gathered a variety of treats for my pal, and was pretty happy that I had a parcel of stuff she would love. Then I started to see other packages on blogs, and started to worry that my package was a bit lame. So I didn’t send it, thinking that I should add a few more things.

And then I got sick.

And then, I got my package from my spoiler, and felt too guilty to open it until I had at least posted the package to my spoilee.

So, to both my pals, a HUGE sorry. My mission for today is to have a shower, and drag myself off to the post office. I’ll wrap everything properly and write some little notes, AND GET THE DAMN THING POSTED. It may not be the best package ever, but each item was chosen with care and the very best of intentions. And I think I know my new pal well enough to know that she will appreciate the sentiment behind it. And I’m going to have to learn that perfection isn’t possible – being a parent will surely teach me that!

2 thoughts on “Update”

  1. Hmmm, could I have tricked you with the address on one of the packages 😉 I hope you like it and I hope you’re feeling back to normal soon. Sounds like you’ve been having a rough time of it. Take care and I hope Custard is back to normal soon too xxxx. p.s. might have to get Matthew’s details from you at some stage too


  2. No worries about not opening the package yet! I do hope you like everything inside and that it’s worth the wait! I know what you mean about seeing everyone elses’ packages. I try not to look too much at them too much.

    As for the nausea, have you thought about trying acupuncture? I heard that it’s supposed to really help pregnancy nausea. In fact, my insurance company will pay for that, but not for what I needed it for. Just a thought.


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