It’s 7am, but my body thinks it’s 11

I’ve had 4 hours sleep, and rather more wierdness than I’ve experienced in quite some time.

The lovely Damian (parent to the trio of gorgeous bunnies I features on the blog a few weeks ago) has taken over as head chef at Club Denistone, and he was also kind enough to drive us to the airport, and usher us through security. My cunning postbag trick fell flat – no more post boxes at airports, and they don’t do the security check until after immigration – so I couldn’t even hand my weapons back to Damian if I got caught. I didn’t though! I practically had to take my pants off to get through the beepy door, but eventually they let us through to the duty free area.

We bought some booze, couldn’t find a Gorilla Pod (no internets while I am writing this in the hotel room, so no link, but you can google it), and then off to the plane. Mark had the blood supply to his left leg cut off for a minute or so while we took off (I am a slightly nervous flyer – saw rather too much of the Lockerbie disaster when working as a tape operator at Ch 9 years ago). We got exit row seats, and a pretty good vegan meal (except for the skim milk instead of soy, but no biggie), and three utterly crap movies. The iPod was great for 2 1 hour tv shows before the battery expired, so hopefully in this mecca for consumer electronics (Bangkok) we can find a battery pack for it today.

Checked in to the hotel after midnight last night, but were “upgraded” to a superior deluxe room which had been inhabited by tobacco breathing dragons. My lungs attempted to shut down, and so we traipsed back to the lobby to switch rooms. Once the guy with out bags finally found us in the new room, it was well past 1am. At that point I was too tired to sleep, so I considered going for a walk, but settled for a wee nightcap of duty free Baileys and Cointreau.

One small tip for anyone coming to Bangkok. Read an up to date guide book. The taxi fare from the airport is now 900baht, not 2-300 that it says in the guide book.

Off to breakfast now, and then heading to the sky train for a trip to the weekend markets. Apparently they sell live animals, and conditions are pretty revolting, but if I can avoid that bit I can pretend it’s not happening.

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