Bangkok, Starbucks

Pc310062Artwork in the Ambassador Hotel lobby – an auspicious start to our journey…

We headed out early to the weekend markets, but we quickly convinced that with the amount of crap on offer, it was going to be spectacularly difficult to find any crap that we wanted.  I did get myself a single souvenir of Bangkok – everywhere we go there are portraits of the king, and about every 10th personn is wearing a yellow t-shirt with the kings symbol on it.  I found one with a glittery background, it seemed a fitting souvenir of our experience of Bangkok so far.

I stumbled across the animal section (some entire rabbit pelts, and some extremely cute labrador puppies), so we decided to catch the skytrain back to Siam station, where I saw a “Loft” department store sign.  If you know Japanese department stores, you’ll know that loft is AWESOME.  Bangkok Loft isn’t quite as awesome, but we did find some evil “Bloody Bunny” stationery.

No pictures yet, as we don’t have the card reader for the camera with us.  WE have to be back at the hotel in 3 hours to catch a taxi back to the airport for the short flight to Hanoi.

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