No knitting

Emma and I spent today doing a yarn shop crawl, and choosing a project for the plane. Previously I’d looked online to find out whether or not knitting is prohibited on planes leaving Sydney Airport. Mijal has flown out of Sydney with knitting in her carry on luggage, and had no problems. I, on the other hand, am a magnet for security at airports, and if there is a chance of having my knitting taken away, it will happen to me.

So I’ve picked a project, bought yarn, and I’m ready to go. And then I found this. Note page 3 –

1 Make jokes about bombs or security threats.
This is now a criminal offence.
2 Pack sharp objects such as knives, scissors,
corkscrews, or knitting needles in your hand luggage.
3 Refuse screening.
4 Leave your hand luggage unattended at any time.
5 Refuse random explosive trace detection (ETD)
screening if you are asked to participate.

How rude.

5 thoughts on “No knitting”

  1. Hey Lara, try taking some bamboo skewers or pencils on board… or even a couple of ticks of dowel and pencil sharpener… technically they are not knitting needles and you shouldn’t hae any problem getting through security 🙂


  2. I’m serious… I wouldn’t even try to take knitting needles on board. In my opinion it’s just not worth the risk. I take a good book instead. But then I’m famously cowardly.


  3. I knitted the whole way home to the States two years ago when we flew. I took two of my Denise points along with the cable, all unconnected and sitting in my bag. It’s just random plastic! Then once we were airborne, I snapped ’em together and cast on for my Mom’s Christmas scarf. (I did call the airport before we left and – after getting transferred around a bunch – I got a manager to confirm that plastic circulars would be all right.) I think a lot of it depends on where you’re going and which airline you’re using. I hear from customers in the shop that Australian domestic flights are amongst the most strict in the world. I also get loads of American flight attendants who say that they’re all knitting in the galley throughout the flight and they have no problem with it.


  4. Ugh, tell me about it. I had to mail my bamboo circulars home on a work trip to *Canberra* last July. I had a pencil that was sharper than those needles, but it was the needles that set off the security x-ray thingy. Trust me, they won’t let you through unless you check your knitting needles– it’s the shape that sets off their security screening doohickey. Wankers.


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