Nothing like a dinner party…

…. to make you feel loved. It’s been ages since Mark and I have entertained, and tonight we had some friends over for dinner. Nothing fancy (except Mijal’s amazing dessert), just a cleani(ish) house, good friends, a relaxed atmosphere, and I feel fine.

I spent this morning being waxed, plucked and manicured, got to Rubi + Lana’s for the S’nB about 5 minutes before they closed, and then spent all afternoon shopping/cleaning/cooking, but it was all worth it.

I’m now tucked up in bed with a 10kg kitten at my feet, and life seems a whole lot better than it did last week.

2 thoughts on “Nothing like a dinner party…”

  1. That is so true! All the fussing and cooking – you get a beautiful house and good food all to share with friends! Win win! [Except if you exhaust yourself and end up falling asleep in the soup : /]

    Kitten at the feet is also a good way to spend time. : )


  2. that’s because you ARE loved!

    It was a wonderful dinner party, sweetie. Thank you SO much. Sorry I couldn’t stay later……


    Fe xxxxx


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