A mental health day


Apparently, it’s called grief. A feeling of helplessness, sorrow, pain, and loss. I am not depressed and in need of medication, I am grieving.

Makes a lot of sense. Now if only I can pass through the guilt stage and get into anger and depression….. Acceptance and hope will be right around the corner.

(1) Shock or Disbelief that the loss has occured. (2) Denial is the stage in which the person refuses to accept the loss has occured. (3) In the Bargaining stage, the person attempts to reconcile the loss by making deals with other people, sometimes also with Diety. (4) Guilt is marked by statements of “if only I had done/been . . . “. (5) Anger is a natural stage everyone must pass. Anger may be directed toward the loss, the person lost, or even Diety. (6) Depression is a stage that comes and goes throughout the grief process. Resignation at the end of the depression indicates that the truth of the loss has been accepted and the person is ready to move on. (7) Acceptance and Hope means that you understand your life will never be the same but it will go on with meaning and hope.

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