Denistone Station

Anyone familiar with the Northern train line in Sydney would know Denistone Station as a strange twilight zone type of place. The trains all stop there, but no-one ever gets on or off the train. It’s like a ghost town, miles of bare concrete, but with a few lovely trees, including a Frangipani, and a couple of bottlebrushes that attract the lorikeets when they flower.

Because there is no commercial area around the station (just a big park, and houses on large blocks with established gardens), it is a haven for wildlife, and most mornings I see at least a bird or two. This morning, there were quite a few Sulphur Crested Cockatoos and I was lucky to get this shot of one looking at me.


And this guy – just poking his face out the front door, considering his options for the new day…..


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