Amusements, Part 1

In order to set up the gag, you need some background information.

Justine posted a link a while ago to the 42 Below Vodka website. On the propaganda section of the site are a few quicktime movies – very funny, but not for the easily offended. Bloody good vodka BTW.

One of their ads features a couple of bored guys in an Indian call centre. Watch the clip here, and you’ll understand why I was haunted by the very catchy tune.

I showed the site to the guys at work, and my brother tracked down the song. It’s called Numa Numa, and was a big hit in Moldova, and has since done the rounds of the internet with various people lip synching to it. Check out the Wikipedia entry here.

PS. The song is actually called “Dragostea din Tei”, by O-Zone.

Lace Progress

I did a crochet chain before I got to the pub – just so I could say I started without my security blanket (Emma).

And lo and behold, Emma was there, knitting her new lace project – the Swallowtail Shawl from the current issue of IK. And of course, she cast on yesterday, so she is way ahead of me.

This isn’t a bad thing, as she was able to warn me of the pitfalls I was likely to find in the pattern, hence I can learn from her mistakes. But there is this tiny little competitive part of me that wants to finish before she does.

And tonight, after doing a little spinning, I picked it up again while watching some crime shows, and completed the 4th repeat of the second chart. In one day I have mastered the provisional cast on (well – I did it twice), and I learned to read a chart.

Does that make me a real knitter now ?

Last week another knitter sat next to me on the train while I knit moss stitch square. She pulled out a sock, on tiny needles, and knit on that. It looked terribly complicated (self patterning yarn on 4 tiny needles in the round), and I felt like saying to the assembled spectators, “Hey – I can do that, and raise you cable”. But maturity got the better of me. Though now I must admit, I am rather hoping the same woman sits next to me tomorrow, so I can redeem my knitterly pride. 😉

Some Knitting…

I am slowly getting through the moss stitch squares for Hamish. They are lovely fabrics, beautiful to feel and hold, but deathly boring to knit. So Tomorrow I am going to cast on the Swallowtail Shawl from the latest Interweave Knits. It’s ages since I did any lace, and I am hanging out for something a little more challenging – and it’s about time I learned how to read a chart.

And of course, it won’t be in a tasteful and subdued colour, like in the magazine, nooo. It will be pink, bright and vibrant laceweight from Rubi & Lana’s – not quite pink enough to make your eyes bleed, but close.

The pattern calls for a provisional cast on, which I haven’t done before, so I hope Saint Emma will be at the pub.

And in non – knitting news….

Blueberry gets to stay for another week. It will break my heart, but next weekend she will be going to live with her new dad, and I’ll miss her terribly. She has mellowed so much in the few weeks she has been here, from a growling, grunting, bonsai piranha with fur, to the loveliest, cuddly little person that kisses me every morning – even when I don’t give her a treat.

And I was once again reminded why I don’t eat animals. I was driving through Eastwood today and saw a crow in the middle of a busy intersection guarding the squashed corpse of his mate. He was clearly distressed, and I believe that this behaviour proves that animals have emotional lives.

Towards Tolerance

I used to be very ignorant about faiths other than christianity (and I knew very little about that until I went to christian youth camps), but since September 11, 2001, I have made a conscious effort to learn more about the major religions. I still don’t know very much, but I do know that despite my upbringing that encouraged tolerance and acceptance, I was still ignorant, and a little intolerant.

I didn’t understand why a woman would choose to take the veil, and I was appalled by stories of female genital mutilation, and young suicide bombers being revered as martyrs. And then the whole thing about being rewarded with virgins.

Goes to show that only knowing one side of a story is never going to allow a balanced understanding of an issue. So I started looking for the other side of the story – not easy.

I’ve read “Nine Parts of Desire”, expecting a balanced view of the women of Islam, but was saddened to see that the author didn’t want to bust a sterotype, only perpetuate it.

So if anyone can point me towards a book that shows the other side of the veil, something that can help me to understand why women of intelligence choose islam, I’d be very interested.

This all came up because I read about the Tolerant World organisation at another website.

Here is their mission statement…

To offer young people in Asia the Middle East and around the world – especially those who are already disenfranchised – the ability to join and become a leader in a movement whose ideology they can passionately believe in and through which they can bring about real change in the world. This movement will be a peaceful and positive alternative to the evil ideologies offered by terror organizations and the like.
The Movement’s ultimate objective is to defeat the evil ideology of terrorism, fascism and bigotry and establish world tolerance and therefore peace. All programs initiated by movement revolve around this objective. Currently the following six broad programs have been initiated.

A link to their site here.

Search For Charity


The first time you visit, you’ll be asked who you want the advertising revenue for your search to benefit. I chose the House Rabbit Society in the US, because their work has a direct flow on effect to my own, and now every time I search using the site, the HRS benefits.

Using the powers of advertising for good – who’d a thunk it ?