A Weekend

Friday night was a haze of back pain and liquer muscat – not an inspiring start to the weekend, but unfortunately more frequent recently than it has been in past months. It sems like the last few weeks I’ve been doing more heavy lifting than I should, and the result is back pain so bad that I can barely sit on the train for 45 minutes without being in agony by the time the train pulls into Denistone station.

Saturday morning dawned with the promise of cleaners, so without the support of my usual morning caffeine injection, we did a quick tidy up so that the cleaners could find surfaces to clean. While they did their magic, I popped over to Mum & Dad’s to borrow Nanna’s spinning wheel for an afternoon of fibre fun with Emma, Andrew, and Christophe.

Despite much praise of my spinning ability, the resulting plied skein was a pile of crap. Emma assures me that I can re-ply it and it may come good. Or I could separate the plies and start again. No chance of that!

Saturday night I took to my bed again, watched Dr Who, and got an early night. Sunday morning, we got a little more housework done, and then Paula and Martin brought Rainbow to live with us. Rainbow is a “broiler”, a chicken bred for the meat market, and on her way to the slaughterhouse when she fell from a truck onto the side of Pennant Hills Road. Luckily for her, she was spotted by Paula on her way to work, and now will hopefully live out her short life with as much dignity and comfort as we can provide.

Broilers are bred selectively for massive weight gain in a short period of time. They are typically slaughtered within a few months of hatching, and their short lives are marked by the pain of massive muscle growth on skeletons that are unable to support them. Rainbow sat for two days before she was able to stand up, and it was another few days before she was able to take a step. She had likely never seen sunlight before she was loaded on to the truck, and hadn’t had enough space to stretch her wings.

A study, published in the Veterinary Record shows that broiler chickens, crippled and in pain, will actively choose a feed with painkillers, over a feed without pain relief, if given the choice.

After settling Rainbow in her new home, and having a lovely chat with her rescuers, I headed off to the pub to get my knit on. What a lovely group we have! It did seem to be “Pick on Emma Day”, so I hope here sense of humour remains intact, but we had a lively discussion, and Kelly was brave enough to try Continental knitting for the first time.

All in all, a satisfying weekend. We got housework done, made some new friends, and had a lovely knit and spin.

One thought on “A Weekend”

  1. My sense of humour is alive and well. My legs wish to secede from the rest of my body, on the other hand đŸ™‚


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