A Lovely Weekend

On saturday my parents came to help us get ready for the house inspection on wednesday. The housework has been a low priority whil I was ill, and now that I am recovering, it is still a low priority after getting myself to work, working a full day, and getting home. Recently I have started to cook again, but spare anergy for cleaning toilets has been thin on the ground.

After Mum and Dad left, we drove to Wisemands Ferry to visit Barry and Cath and to celebrate Barry’s 40th birthday. I met Barry because he had a bunny, Bunyip, and Bunyip has come to stay with me a few times over the years while Barry and Cath had holidays. Early this year Bunyip was diagnosed with a tumour, and about 3 weeks ago he went to the Rainbow Bridge.

Here is a picture of Barry and Bunyip that I took in January.

This is the view from our car as we crossed the river to Rivendell.

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