The Monster is Out

Brendan McMahon has been granted bail. The prosecutor and the Senior Police Investigator were both on annual leave, and the defence applied for bail before the court date, leaving the press wondering what had happened when they turned up at the court on September 30th.

Only one Sydney newspaper ran the story, and it was two lines in a side colum, by Les Kennedy of the Sydney Morning Herald. Les was the ONLY journalist who picked up the story, and even The Rocks Police were not aware that he had been granted bail. So when a pet shop manager rang the police to report that he was in her shop trying to purchase rabbits, the police told her that she was mistaken, that he was in jail and could not possibly be in her shop. Unfortunately the store lost the surveillance camera tape, so there is not enough evidence to have him locked up again. Yet.

It seems pretty obvious to me that if he has been back to one pet store, he has been to many more. It is not likely that he has changed his ways and given up torturing animals for pleasure.

This is an enourmous blunder, and though I am appalled that he was granted bail in the first place, it is even worse that there has been no media attention, and no public outcry.

Please print out this picture and take it to your local pet shop, and ask that they not sell rabbits to this man.

Sketch from initial court appearance

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