Something Horrible

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my bunnies. And anyone that lives in Australia, and not under a rock, knows that we’ve just had one of the worst cruelty cases ever exposed a few weeks ago.

I haven’t mentioned it on the blog, because I have been pretty much unable to be polite and not R rated. But now, I realise that to do justice to the victims of this awful crime, I have to speak out.

I have read the poilce report, and while I won’t go in to detail, I will say that it is far worse than what has been mentioned in the media.

He has been charged with multiple offences, and I believe that there are more charges pending. Despite that, there is a strong suggestion that the perpetrator will receive a light sentence, possibly even a non-custodial sentence.

It is common for first offenders to receive consideration for not coming before the courts prior to the first offence, and in general, I would agree that an isolated incident shouldn’t be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

Unfortunately, this man isn’t a “first offender”. This is just the first time he’s been caught. The number of animals that he has abused is in the hundreds, if not thousands.

The torture that these animals endured was extended and brutal. When he was apprehended, the RSPCA had to euthenase two animals that he had “finished with”, but were still enduring the agonies he had inflicted, and they were likely to die slowly.

So, I have to do something. Most trials of violent criminals allow a “victim’s impact statement”, but there is no-one to speak for thes animals. A rabbit in a safe environment with a good diet and decent medical care could expect to live for 10 years – a commensurate lifespan to a cat or a dog. They have every bit as much personality as a cat or a dog. They are as intelligent. They have as much capacity to feel pain, to interact and show affection, to play, to run, to love.

Please join me in writing to your local paper, your daily paper, your national paper. Write to current affairs programs, call talkback radio, write to the judge, the prosecutor, your local member.

Please make some noise for those that have no voice.

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