One Useful Thing….

Yesterday was harsh. I had to move my stuff from one desk to another, and then get it useable as a desk. Then do some work. By the time I got the work done, I was exhausted. I hope the boss isn’t cross with me for not making it neater, but that was more exercise than I have done in 7 weeks. And I am still coughing, which makes the pain almost unbearable.

So I decided not to get out of bed today. Rest is good.

But I did do one useful ting today. I have asked my old physio for his advice, and am waiting for a call. My specialists nurse is talking to him also, so once I have my X-Rays from Hornsby, I should be able to get some idea as to wether or not my injury is work related or not.

Though I am keen to get back to work, yesterday taught me that I am not nearly as well as I thought I was.

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