White House disowns anti-Kerry war record ads. 06/08/2004. ABC News Online

White House disowns anti-Kerry war record ads. 06/08/2004. ABC News Online

US media pounced on a verbal miscue by the president, who said: “Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”

ABC Sydney Knit In

Record attendance at the 702 ABC Sydney Knit In

Well, long time no post, so I’ll try to do a few quick catch ups.

I went to the Knit in with Bella and Mone, met up with Mon and Cynthia, and had a good knit. Didn’t finish my square on the day (bigger needles necxt year kids!), but have finished it since. We may make a “Courthouse S’nB” blankie and stitch it together before we send it off. If I can bear to knit another bloody square.

Here is a picture of me with my knit in badge, or you can see an even worse one on Mon’s blog.
My Badge of Honour

Basis Square Done!

It isn’t exactly square, but I’ll block it and make it conform. I am not knitting the bloody thing a fourth time. This whole knitting to an exact size thing is rather more of a challenge than I am up for at the moment. A huge furry shawl on big needles should be my next project, and something little and intricate for interest.

S’nB was great this afternoon – a small group, Simone, Bella, and Andrew. Simone finished her Poncho (looks divine), Bella is working on a very cute bikini, and Andrew continues work on his alpaca scarf. And I cast on the third attempt at a square, and finished just before dinner with Richard and Miriam.

Apparently I was wrong about Mark wanting the same pattern front and back on the jumper – he actually does want “&” on the front, but I missed the chart he sent me. Good thing he reads my blog, or I would never have known 🙂

Very, Very Sad…..

I worked out the pattern for Thelma’s swatch last night, and cast on just before I fell asleep. I’ts a random height cable, with 4 repeats and a moss stitch border, simple, but quirky, and I hope, cute.

So, in the train this morning I started the pattern, then got up to a cable. Yup – I left home without a cable needle. A NORMAL person would have put it down and waited till she got home to her tools, but no, I went to the shop and bought some meat skewers so I could work on it at lunch time.

I am face to face with the depths of my addiction.