What I’ve Been Up To

I posted this to the BunnyHuggers Group, but I thought it may be appropriate to put up here too. Noth that I have much of a fan base yet, but the people have a right to know why the blog hasn’t been updated much recently.

Work has been really hectic, we had 2 months without one of our team, now a replacement has been hired, and things are starting to settle down. The election is over, and though my team didn’t win our electorate, we went from 4% to nearly 17% of the primary vote, and I feel that we really made a difference. I believe that the Greens will have a big part in Australian Politics in the future, and I am proud to have been associated with such an amazing group of people. But more of that later.

Just after the election, my grandmother died after a long illness, and the family infighting and bickering over her estate was dreadful. Hopefully we can be friends again soon.

Grasshopper (the Hare), has finally had his testicles off. I’ve been putting it off for months due to worry that he wouldn’t handle the stress of the operation, but he came through with flying colours (the vet handed him back to me and said “two stone lighter” – I think he was saying that our little Chops was VERY well endowed!). Still very nervy and anxious, we are hoping that he will calm down and realise that he is not in danger of being eaten 🙂

This week, Mark was driving me to work on monday morning – in the wonderful wet weather we’ve been having, and were hit from behind when the car behind us slammed on his brakes and skidded into us. I suffered whiplash, and am wearing a very attractive collar to support my neck. And on Wednesday I found a lump on Rhubarb. Those of you that know me from way back will Remember Fuzz Bucket – she had mysterious lumps removed and sent for testing at least 4 times – eventually they diagnosed cancer, but it was too late, and she died just before her second birthday. So I am neurotic about lumps.

Rhubarb went to see Matthew the wonder vet yesterday. A fine needle aspirate showed signs of inflamed cells, Matt gave me the option to treat it with steroid cream and “see what happens”, or cut it out and send it to the lab. So he went straight in to surgery, I spent the day moping around Penrith with the lovely Simone, and we picked him up around 3. He’s eating and being his ratty self, more news around wednesday when we get the pathology results back.

So there you go, the Lara report. I miss you guys, and I hope everybody’s buns are well.

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Up To”

  1. erp. I see what you mean about being busy.

    (I took the boy to the Courthouse for lunch, but we decided to wander home at about 4:ish. No other knitters: from track record we probably missed each other by two minutes.)

    Look after yourself. And best wishes to the pets.


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