Friday casual day


Well, not really, but Squish wanted leftover risotto for lunch today, and I haven’t refined my system enough to use the planetbox for wet foods. So my $2.80 Daiso store bento box came to the rescue.

He has mushroom risotto in the sealed section, carrot, grapes, the last of the sweet mini tomatoes and a cheese bunny as sides, and orange and nectarine for crunch and sip.

I can see a spare planetbox big dipper in our future, and I might experiment with crumbling and frying the risotto leftovers to make yummy and lunchbox friendly risotto balls.

Day four – dinosaur forest


Luckily I spent most of yesterday prepping food for the rest of the week, and I made polenta with sundried tomatoes and olives, which is easy to cut into shapes, and also (apparently) freezes well.

So today we have a polenta dinosaur with broccoli trees and a tea egg sun. Small boy is enjoying making his lunches so much that I can use lunch as leverage to get him to do his piano practice without yelling about it.