Day four – dinosaur forest


Luckily I spent most of yesterday prepping food for the rest of the week, and I made polenta with sundried tomatoes and olives, which is easy to cut into shapes, and also (apparently) freezes well.

So today we have a polenta dinosaur with broccoli trees and a tea egg sun. Small boy is enjoying making his lunches so much that I can use lunch as leverage to get him to do his piano practice without yelling about it.

7 thoughts on “Day four – dinosaur forest”

    1. You can do it in the microwave, I just use the thermomix, but I cook it with veggie stock for flavour, then at the end I stir through pitted kalamata olives and sundried tomatoes that have been whizzed together. I find instant polenta is fine, and much quicker if you get bored of stirring and don’t have a tmx 🙂


  1. I was scrounging for lunch-stuff today. I can see I will have to be super organised for this lunch thing, and that our vegetable/fruit shopping will be happening twice a week! Toby scoffs everything fruit related within 2 days, leaving not much for the school boy! I can also see why many kids seem to get little packets of things in their lunch….it’s easy when there’s nothing much in the fridge! May I never stoop to putting packets of chips in a lunch box! Please keep posting, your lunch boxes are inspiring!:)


  2. I saw your post on these Planet Box lunchboxes a while ago and I bought them for my kids. They absolutely love these lunchboxes and having a little bento box for lunch!

    What’s the bit in the middle of the lunchbox? I use mine for little treats!


    1. Jen the little treat today is dried pineapple 🙂

      Lynne, the dinosaur cutter is a sandwich one, I got two dinosaurs out of it, so expect another one soon!


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