Chinese theme today


In honor of Chinese New Year, today we have a mushroom steamed bun, and leek dumplings with red vinegar dipping sauce.

He has a bunch of tiny fresh currants, and some unshelled edamame. Also a Chinese tea egg, apple and mango for crunch and sip, and a coconut and mango treat.

2 thoughts on “Chinese theme today”

  1. Did you make the mushroom buns and dumplings? I’d love a recipe? Paige is 5 on Valentines and has asked me to make her wonton soup and dumplings for her birthday dinner!


    1. Sorry Jen, those are shop bought 😦 I have the Chinese Buddhist community to thank for their availability.

      There is a recipe for leek wontons and also for egg noodle soup on the blog though, you could combine the two?


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