And then, a little furry person needed us

Today we did a trial day at the Academy of Gifted Education in Takapuna. Inigo loved it so much, we are going to have to eat lentils so we can afford the fees. He’ll go one or two days a week if we can wrangle it, and keep doing MindPlus.

We then had to go to Panmure to pick up some lost property from Wednesday, and ended up driving past his old school right at pickup time. I stopped to chat with our friend Engie, and the kids found a tiny, very terrified feral kitten.

I only lost a little blood getting them home (gender isn’t important at this point). Kitten is in the bathroom adjusting to the world of a pampered house pet, and Brooke has taken the kids on an expedition to find kitten milk while I make dinner.

Working title “Tifan”, short for Tiffany. A little witch with a cast iron frying pan.

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