Mark and Inigo walked to school this morning for the first time from the new house.  

Mark writes, “About 35 minute walk. It was good. Had a great chat. He told me that walking to school is a good idea, because the gas from cars and busses makes the world hotter. He also suggested we should build a big space ship. If the world gets wrecked (or the Sun blows up), we can all get on board and fly away to find another planet with oxygen. Or wait for another planet to form. He’s aware it will take a long while, and need lots of people to work on it – particularly scientists and builders. I pointed out that it might be useful to some level of agreement from politicians. We decided that it would be good if we avoided wrecking the planet in the first place, but this plan should still be put into place to prepare for the Sun blowing up.The proposed plan for this is that we tell Jason Price, who is the representative of all scientists. The scientists then warn the politicians of the danger, and suggest what needs to be done. (We remain hopeful that some day politicians may actually listen to scientists). The politicians can decide where to build this big spaceship, and tell the builders to built it.”

2 thoughts on “Walking”

  1. I can only aspire to bring up a child as astute as you have brought up Inigo. I’m kowtowing to your and Mark’s parenting as I type this!!


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