Pending getting something official from the company, we will be moving to New Zealand on the 24th of April or thereabouts. Which only gives us three more full weeks in Sydney.

Friday this week is our wedding anniversary. It is ten years since the silliest wedding ever, and I love him more than ever. Despite being a tiny bit resentful about the stress of the past few weeks.

So we are going to have a little party. A picnic at Observatory Hill, the place we got married at all those years ago. From 11ish on the 6th April, bring a plate and blanket. If the weather is awful we will find a pub nearby.

Come and say hello if you haven’t seen us for years, and farewell as we journey off to the land of the long white cloud.

One thought on “Party!”

  1. Hi Lara! It’s way too late for me to be responding to this post but I just wanted to let you know that after six months of not reading any blogs at all and hardly ever posting on mine, I am reading yours from this post forward. Forgive me If I don’t comment much; I have a lot of friends I’ve neglected so am doing the best I can — one day at a time! I hope you’re all enjoying NZ. We have been here in our new home 26 weeks today; it just doesn’t seem possible!


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