Conversations with Inigo

Inigo: I love books

Mama: me too!

I: I wish that every present I ever got was a book, so that I could keep reading forever!

M: Maybe we should get you a library card…

And in other news, yesterday he noticed his first wobbly tooth!

And this is the “Rhapsody of the Seas”, the boat we will take out family cruise on in late January, for dad’s birthday. Just after we get back from Lord Howe Island with Bev & Ted for Bev’s birthday. Ted is officially in remission, and his doctors have agreed to stretch out his last treatment so he can go on holidays.

It’s so close to the end of the year, hooray!

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4 thoughts on “Conversations with Inigo”

  1. Excellent to hear Ted’s news; hope his good health continues/improves and so on.

    A library card is an excellent idea, Inigo. It’s like a drivers license that will take you any where and every where and the fuel is really, really inexpensive.


  2. Yes, a Library Card is a wonderful thing. Mine was yellow on the back, a kind of rubbery hessian. I still love going to The Library and I can read more books than I could ever afford to buy!!!


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