Why I love public education

Well, I love our school at least!

Just had a meeting with Squishy’s school principal, about what we can do (together) to prevent him from disengaging in the classroom. Kindy has been fun, but he doesn’t love school like I had hoped he would, and I decided to be proactive about working with the school before he starts year 1.

And I’m so glad I did. Our principal gets where I am coming from, and understands that this isn’t about academic achievement, it’s about engagement, and a love of learning. She’s arranged for Squish to have an assessment by the school counsellor, so that hopefully will give us some direction for how to enrich his school experience next year.

We both agree that acceleration (skipping a grade) isn’t appropriate for a kid this young, but that there is more we can be doing to support him.


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