About six months ago, I tested Inigo for his ability to understand the concept of conservation – if I pour a cup of water into a cup of water into a shallow, wide glass, and a cup of water into a tall, narrow glass, it looks different, but it’s still a cup of water.

Young children don’t get this, older children do. I tested him again today, and he got it straight away. Piaget did some pretty unethical things to his poor child in the name of science, but I understand the thrill!

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2 thoughts on “Conservation”

  1. I just wrote about this in an assignment as well as using scales. Looking at objects and predicting their weight based on their look and then understanding heavy and light. Go Squish! xx


  2. That is exciting for you.

    My Older Grandson, who will be four in February, excited me this afternoon by counting eight objects into a container while packing Duplo pieces — I have known kindergarten children not to have one-on-one correspondence so I was thrilled! Even more for him because when I say mummy and daddy will be home in x number of days, I know the concept is more than just words like it is it his younger brother!


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