Vietnam, 2013. Part one

Reading “Darth Vader & Son” at Sydney airport.



Breakfast at the local markets outside our homestay.

Our building as seen from the markets – I was too chicken to check out the roof, but Mark and Inigo did.

The back of the markets – the butchers


At the district 6 Pagoda. Apparently Pagodas are for worshiping gods, Temples are for commemorating revered people.


A beautiful fence.


A monk ringing a huge bell behind the foliage.

My friend the dragonfly


Pretty gardens

An amazing bonsai scene

An extremely underfed kitten. Some of his siblings weren’t in such good shape 😦

Wood carvers working to restore the pagoda

I still have absolutely no idea what this is, but I aim to find out!


Our house from the front as we waited for our host to return home. The neighbours run a little drinks stall, they took great care of us.

Inigo’s number 2 fan. His number one fan appears later.

Some nice girls at the vegetarian restaurant we went to – they all wanted to be photographed with the cute kid. Instant celebrity.


Since I am way behind on posting our adventures, I’ll have to catch up with picture heavy posts.


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