Book bag!


Inigo’s school has below average literacy, and they are working hard to improve it. One of the initiatives is building a lending library of great children’s books that come with activities. They were going to put them in plastic bags, but I wondered out loud if they might look better in cool fabric, and was invited to have a go.

This is my “proof of concept” bag. The book is “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”, and I have included a few games and activities I found on a homeschooling website – but no doubt the teachers will have something awesome worked out.

Now I just need to see if the teachers (and the kids) like it, and find a way to make about 30 more!

5 thoughts on “Book bag!”

  1. A long-running crafting group of which I am a member have gathered on various occasions to make pillowcases/stuff them for four children’s group homes, make quilts for children in hospital over Halloween, and make pillows/bags to ease other youngling hospital stays/support moments.
    Perhaps other folks on the literacy group, parents from the school, or your talented friends could meet for a day to do assembly-line bag creation? Would the school be able to provide a meeting room? Folks could donate fabric/time to create the bags? We usually do a pot-luck meal as well.
    Good luck to you. I think your idea is nifty.


  2. Sorry – had another stray thought about bag creation.
    {wry grin} Although it’s rather sad that it turned up last because it relates to my current educational endeavors.
    I’m currently pursuing a Fiber Arts degree (weaving). The local guild asked Weaving Students to help out at a fashion show earlier this year. Is there a Sewing Guild or Fashion/Arts/Sewing students from University that might be able to assist with your bags?


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