Bronze Award

Guess who is the first kid in kindy to get ten commendations, and earn a Bronze Award?

Yup, Mr Squish.

Parent teacher interviews didn’t bring any surprises, but it was a chance for Mark and Mrs D to connect.  He’s now been finally assessed as being at level 9 for reading (kindy kids are expected to finish the year at or above level 8), but for numeracy he still isn’t showing Mrs D what he is capable of.  Last week he started adding and subtracting three digit numbers, but he still hasn’t shown the teacher he can count backwards from 30 to 0.

So he’s still super awesome, still working hard, but he’s going to have much more fun if he can show off his talents and start to do some more interesting work.  My concern is that if he isn’t challenged, he will fall into the same rut as both of his parents and skim through school without ever learning to put in the effort required to reach his potential.

It’s still early days, and he’s made wonderful progress.  Great kid.

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