No pic today :(

Today I made Manoush (not sure how to spell it!), it’s Lebanese pizza with zatar, a spice blend that has oregano, sesame seeds and sumac. This is mixed with olive oil and spread on a pizza base and baked. I cheated and used pre-made pizza bases. I also made little bear face cheeses, and though I thought I took a picture this morning, it obviously didn’t work out.

Mum reminded me that I can probably get a passport in my married name without changing my first name, and if I can change my air ticket to Larissa, that is what I will do. Far too much hassle otherwise!

Squish is still doing brilliantly at school, even today for his substitute teacher while Mrs D was acting principal. I had my second P&C meeting, and have apparently already started pissing people off. Our school is so small we don’t have a full time librarian, and the library itself is very sad looking. Today we voted on how to spend the P&C money in the school, and I was told that “kids can read newspapers, they don’t need books to learn to read”.

I have a long way to go.

In other news, a few weeks ago I did the GLBTIQ(A) Ally training run by the Equity and Diversity unit at uni. On Monday I signed up to be an ally, and Inigo asked me what it meant.

“Basically, it means that I am a friend to anyone who feels like they are being picked on. By wearing my badge and my lanyard on campus, I am a visible supporter of diversity on campus”, I said.

Inigo thought about it for a few minutes, and said, “Mama, you better make sure you always have your lanyard and badge with you, in case anyone feels sad and needs a friend”.

Love that kid.

3 thoughts on “No pic today :(”

  1. “kids can read newspapers, they don’t need books to learn to read”
    Really?!? {ack/sigh}
    Sounds like you do have a long way to go with the P&C- but thank you for taking that road and also for being an ally. Well done.


  2. As a librarian, and a mother of a boy who will start school next year, I am horrified by the kids can read newspapers comment. Don’t they know that newspapers possibly won’t exist in the near future but books sure will, in whatever form … sigh …


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