My lovely boy

The first few weeks of school have been hard for my delicious boy.  There are new routines to learn, long days, antagonistic kids (who mostly just have their own issues), and being asked to complete work – whether ir not he finds it interesting.

Weeks 1-3 a patttern emerged of him resisting the work, and doing anything but completing it.  He complained that it was boring, that he wanted to do kid work, not baby work.  He wanted to stare out the window, and observe the other kids.  But colouring, cutting, and sticking was definitely not on his agenda.

The amazing Mrs D put a plan in place for him.  Each day for the last three weeks he has had a chart to fill in happy or sad faces three times a day – happy if he completes his work, sad if he doesn’t.  Since then he has been improving, and most afternoons she and I have a little chat to see how he is going.  I’ve been supporting her by telling him that the interesting stuff will come once he shows Mrs D what he is capable of.  And every day I remind him that he has to try hard.  We don’t expect him to be the top of the class, just to try, and that is where he will find fulfillment in school.

On Monday, he had an “outstanding” day.  And each day since then he has done well.  Today I was volunteering at the school, and as I walked back to the car past his classroom, the teacher (not Mrs D) called me in.

“Inigo was first to finish his work this morning, so now he is being my assistant.  I’m so proud of him, I’m going to give him a commendation for trying so hard”.

And his little face was just bursting with pride.

3 thoughts on “My lovely boy”

  1. How wonderful! Pease give Inigo a squish and a high five for me. It’s not easy being a teacher, nor a student, but I am certain that Inigo is going to be able to be a perfectly Inigo-shaped peg in a school-shaped hole. xoxo


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