Reading Eggs

Inigo has been doing Reading Eggs for almost two years now, and most of what he knows about letters and the sounds they make has come from playing reading eggs.  He loves doing it, and it is screen time that I don’t mind him having once in a while.

They just sent me a promo code so you can try it out for a few weeks, and they will donate to the Children’s Cancer Institute for every person that does a trial.

Seems pretty worthwhile to me 🙂

Simply forward this email to a family member or friend before Friday 15 March 2013, and they can start their FREE 4 WEEK trial by following the simple steps below:

1.     Register at
2.     Enter the FREE 4 week access code: AU567 in the ‘Have a Promo Code?’ box on the ‘Parent Dashboard’ screen once logged in.

2 thoughts on “Reading Eggs”

  1. Thanks so much for passing this on Lara.

    Thanks to you, Miss Molly is currently enjoying 44 days of Reading Eggs free!

    (They added the offer 30 days to their standard 14 days free, instead of replacing it.)


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