Maternal anxiety level – Extreme

We are hoping to avoid catastrophic.

'twas the night before school started
Ogden accompanies Inigo to bed for his last sleep as a preschooler

Experienced mamas out there – have I forgotten anything?

We have mango and orange for fruit time, zucchini slice for lunch, baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and cheese for snacks, and a mango and coconut ball for a treat.

We have uniform laid out and ready, shoes polished, hat and bag, including spare clothes (and undies).

We have a plan that includes mama getting out of bed early to help with the getting ready, and so I can enrol in my classes (yes, I have to enroll at 8am – the uni couldn’t think of a worse time!).

I am about to put the camera battery on charge, and try to get an early night.

Apart from a library bag, is there anything I have forgotten?

5 thoughts on “Maternal anxiety level – Extreme”

  1. Oh hon, you sound perfectly organised! My best advice would be to make sure you have plenty of time at home to get ready calmly and quietly and then just enough time at school to give him a big kiss and head off. Too little time at home can increase anxiety and too much time at school can also make everyone feel anxious! You will both be FINE! Well done and lots of love xx


  2. Oh, I am just soooo experienced with our two whole days of school behind us….you sound super organised! So it seems silly to ask….is everything labelled? And if he has the school’s school bag, try to put something on it that makes it recognizable as his. I got Nathan to take his backpack off in the school yard whie he was playing, then promptly forgot which one of the bags on the ground was his!


  3. ^^^ What she said.

    You are awesome.

    He is awesome.

    It is a huge day.

    You have a right to be anxious.

    Hope you get some sleep.

    Also hope you have something fun & distracting planned for during the school hours.

    Do NOT do what my sister did: went to the movies and saw Babe….

    Small piggy crying: “I want my muuuuuum!”

    Big hugs,

    Susan xx


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