Another classic car conversation

Mama, what does praying mean?
It means talking to god baby.
But we don’t believe in god, do we?
Well, your father and I don’t, but you can make up your own mind.
I think I believe in god.
OK, what does god mean to you?
I think god is a bit like Alan Jones.
(trying very hard to keep breathing) And why do you say that? Alan Jones isn’t a particularly kind person, is he?
No. Just like god.

Now, mindful that some people I love very much do believe in god, I am hoping you will give me the benefit of the doubt when I assure you that I have never knowingly planted the idea that god was like a shock jock. Although we are atheists, I have always tried to talk about belief in respectful and positive terms, about the comfort that people get from spirituality and community, and the strength that can be drawn from faith. The Alan Jones thing is a bolt from the blue.

Any ideas? Ideally I would like him to have an objective overview of religion so that he can choose his own path, but clearly something is missing!

5 thoughts on “Another classic car conversation”

  1. Well I think the kid’s got it in one. Lets see- Alan Jones is fond of throwing people he dislikes out to sea. God also has no qualms about drowning the entire population in a planetary flood when it takes his fancy. Alan Jones think’s he’s beyond reproach- so does God. They are both sad tired old men with sad tired ideas. The only difference is one real but will eventually die. The other one is imaginary & immortal. Clever Inigo.
    I prayed to God thousands of times as a 5 yr old wondering why he let bad things happen. Every time his silence, as always, was deafening.


  2. He’s one bright, observant little boy – I don’t think you need to go anywhere from here other than to ask next time why he thinks God isn’t such a kind person. I’m sure his answer will be very reasoned.

    I’m with you on this one, and well remember having [many] doubts about the existence of a supreme being when I was about 8 or 9.


  3. your friends have very valid ideas and see that’s where you darling son forms his opinons. He sees god as cruel (you have had some tragedy in your family to back this up) and someone probably said to Inego “that’s gods will”. ergo god must not be nice.
    hugs to your family,
    he sounds balanced to me.


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