6 thoughts on “Cheesymite Scroll Fail”

  1. You can resurrect these. They need more bread flour, use your hands and shape them into rolls. Then left them rest another 30 mins, milk wash – chuck some cheese on top and bake.

    You’ll have vegemite – cheesy rolls! Yummy xx


  2. Use bread dough, a nice spongy mix, not too wet and roll out dough. Spread with veg and cheese, roll up and slice. Leave to rise again, then cook. Your dough looks too wet to hang together.

    Another method which works well especially if you don’t have a lot of time for it to rise is to use scone dough. @ cups SR flour, pinch of salt and about 3/4 cup milk, more or less to suit. MIx with a flat bladed knife, not an electric mixer. Roll out gently and do vegemite etc.

    Both these doughs are great with other fillings too. Leftovers chopped finely etc. Curries with vegetables, whatever. Use your imagination. A bit of cheese works wonders to turn leftovers into a different dish altogether.

    You need a dough with enough moisture to roll but not too dry. Extremes don’t work.


  3. This is the thermomix dough right? Just don’t roll it as thin, and also add some flour when you roll it out. I made this yesterday and it looked similar to yours before baking.

    Also the TM dough is sticky so don’t place them next to each other but space them on the tray- trust me!!


    1. No – this is my no knead bread. Just a chunk torn from the dough bucket – it behaves as if it has a mind of it’s own, not a polite bread;)


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