I take it all back

I was rather pissed off at my unit convener for knocking back my application for special consideration for last semester, but after talking with a psychologist from campus well-being, I feel much better about the decision. Apparently, you no longer get bumped up a few marks, all you get is the opportunity to sit another exam – which in my case was the last thing I wanted. And getting 78% for the unit as a whole was a great result, especially since the way Macquarie works out GPA is to give 1 point for a CP* (will have to look up what this means), 2 points for a pass, 3 for a credit, and 4 for a distinction or a high distinction. So a distinction is every bit as good as a high distinction in terms of keeping my GPA high (which I need to do to transfer into Psych, and to be admitted to honours).

Secondly, I talked to her about how high my stress levels are this semester (I have already gained back 2 of the 10 kilos I lost while I was sick), and how seeing formulae on the lecture slides makes me feel like crying, and I have been diagnosed as having perfectionist tendencies that go a little beyond what is strictly considered adaptive. She has offered me counseling, and (hooray!) a free tutor for 2 hours a week to help me get through this unit.

Tutoring is reliant on there being one available, so I have to keep everything crossed, but I am feeling a lot better about the switch to MQ after that meeting.

*Apparently a CP is just like a fail, but they recognise that you were pretty close to a pass, and they let you through.

2 thoughts on “I take it all back”

  1. I tutored a couple of students at UTS and it made me realise that there are heaps of services which the university can offer.

    I’m really glad that you are able to access some of these. Good luck with your studies!!


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