I’ve had a few people ask about my relationship to Normal Lindsay, but I don’t really have one – he died a few months before I was born, so I only ever met him in utero. My maternal grandmother was one of his models, and our family has a few pencil drawings. My brother also has a copy of “The Magic Pudding’, in which he wrote, “A slice of pudding for Adam”.

Since my grandmother (Rita) was one of my favourite people ever, I am enormously proud of her beauty and her grace, the same qualities that captured Lindsay’s attention. In a biography of him, his daughter wrote of Rita that she had the sort of presence that meant she could “make a kitchen chair look like a throne”.

Nanna died before I met Mark, or ever considered Inigo, but she would have adored both of them, and they her.

1 thought on “Nanna”

  1. Thank you for sharing some of your family “art” history. Spiffy.
    Very sorry the infection experimentation continues. This is a bizarrely striking year for illnesses.
    Many well wishes to you!!


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