I’ve had a few people ask about my relationship to Normal Lindsay, but I don’t really have one – he died a few months before I was born, so I only ever met him in utero. My maternal grandmother was one of his models, and our family has a few pencil drawings. My brother also has a copy of “The Magic Pudding’, in which he wrote, “A slice of pudding for Adam”.

Since my grandmother (Rita) was one of my favourite people ever, I am enormously proud of her beauty and her grace, the same qualities that captured Lindsay’s attention. In a biography of him, his daughter wrote of Rita that she had the sort of presence that meant she could “make a kitchen chair look like a throne”.

Nanna died before I met Mark, or ever considered Inigo, but she would have adored both of them, and they her.

One thought on “Nanna”

  1. Thank you for sharing some of your family “art” history. Spiffy.
    Very sorry the infection experimentation continues. This is a bizarrely striking year for illnesses.
    Many well wishes to you!!


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