Squish goes Splat! Part two…

The hospital has a handy little card that they give to parents of kids with head injuries – symptoms to look out for in the 24-48 hours after the accident.

This morning, he was fine, but this afternoon, he was complaining of a severe headache, nausea, and sleepiness. three of the symptoms they want you to watch for. He also had a fever.

I rang health direct, who told me to take him back to emergency straight away.

So we spent another 4 hours at Hornsby Hospital casualty, he had a much more thorough neurological assessment, (and a urine test to rule out another bladder infection), and we were sent home. I’m confident that he doesn’t have any brain damage, but possibly concussion combined with a virus which is causing the nausea and fever.

We’re home now, he’s asleep, and I’m looking forward to a good long time before we have to reset the “Days Since Squish has Been in Hospital” counter.

And I got the results for my mid semester exam today, a Distinction, so I am very relieved!

6 thoughts on “Squish goes Splat! Part two…”

  1. bloody hell! What an awful scare! Glad you’re home and he’s sleeping.

    And YIPPEEEEEEE on your Distinction!! SO not surprised. xx


  2. poor Squish! I hope he is doing better tonight and that he has a speedy recovery.

    Congrats on your distinction, it’s very well deserved! xo


  3. You poor Nettles – so scary, but I am sending recovery vibes Iggy’s way… Congrats on the distinction Darling… what were you saying on the phone the other day about marks? This is one time I am glad to say Ï told ya so!!! Go you good thing!

    Hug Iggy for me


  4. OK, eight posts just showed up in my reader at once. I am glad the head injury was not so serious and hope everyone is well now.


  5. Congratulations on the Distinction!

    I finally got notice of your last seven posts on Google Reader today; sorry I am so far behind – I just assumed you hadn’t been posting due to Uni commitments! My comment on Inigo’s head injury wouldn’t make any sense now – but I just read it a couple of minutes ago and assumed it happened today! Of course, I do hope he recovered fully.


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