Piano progress

I am so proud of this kid, I am in danger of blocking an airway.

Yesterday at his piano lesson, his teacher showed him how to play the first bit of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. At dinner that night, he played it twice for Grandma. Then first thing this morning, he wanted to play piano. I hadn’t had my coffee yet, so it took a moment for it to sink in that he had played it correctly. I grabbed the video and took this.

I was really, really hesitant about putting him in to piano lessons at such a tender age. But I think my last reservation just flew out the window.

Oh, and apparently, the singing that he does while playing? Two people have independently told me this week that he is on pitch, and will make a fine singer one day.

Now I am off to medicate so I can keep breathing through the cuteness.

3 thoughts on “Piano progress”

  1. Well done Inigo. I am thinking of having my Older grandson taught to play the piano when he’s a bit older. MY DSIL learned by the Suzuki method but still can’t read music so she advises against that method. Is that what you’re using?


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