A trip to hospital

My lovely dad came over to help me tidy and organise for Mark’s 40th on the weekend, and we had a productive morning, a lovely lunch, and were just getting stuck in to our afternoons work when I asked dad to get rid of the spiderwebs in Cocky’s house.

Dad didn’t want to vacuum with her in the house, so he decided to move her. I strongly recommended against it, but he insisted. She resisted, and dad ended up with a few holes in his arm, and one nasty one in his hand, that spurted blood.

Spurting. It doesn’t take much blood to look like an awful lot. Dad was a bit shocked, and I completely freaked. Dad wanted to go to a medical centre, but of the 2 I know around here, one is festy and foul, and the other you need to book 2 days ahead (I’m planning to be really ill on Tuesday next week, can you book me in?). So I dragged him off to hospital.

He’s fine. After about 10 minutes in the hospital, the bleeding stopped. The triage nurse recommended a tetanus shot, and then dad waited around for hours for the shot, and a script for antibiotics.

I am officially paranoid, but watching your beloved father bleed like that will tend to freak you out.

2 thoughts on “A trip to hospital”

  1. Oh god, glad he is ok. I agree – watching a parent (or child) bleed like that freaks me out.
    Paige was pushed over when she just turned 2 and her tooth knocked out. Seeing a little girl with blood everywhere in shock sent me over the edge for about 3 days!

    Never again!

    Give him a hug from me!


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