Preschool wrap up

a picture of daddy having fun

Inigo had a great time today, and is looking forward to going back tomorrow. He really loves Claire, one of the teachers, and he loves Eva and Jody too.

Eva thought that I packed too much food for him. She has no idea how much that kid can eat when he isnt distracted!

As for Macquarie, I think their assessment protocols suck. Evie got it right, they shouldnt be punishing me for a fuckup in 19-freaking-99. Or 2000. If I recall correctly, I dropped out of uni when my grandmother died. Lots of stuff in my life was down the toilet. I didnt know why I was studying, I had no direction, and I didnt withdraw in time to escape academic penalty. Cest la vie.

But for now, if I can get into a Bachelor of Science, do some psych subjects, and then dazzle them with my brilliance for a while, I should be able to easily transfer into the BA/Psych or the BSc/Psych.

Well, that is the plan. There are a few more hurdles, like, will they give me credit for the 3 units I did in 1999/2000? Of they are going to punish me for the failures, they bloody well better give me credit for the wins.

And then there is convincing the lecturers to allow me to study Psych subjects when I am not enrolled in a Psych degree. But that is a battle for another day.
I havent even been accepted yet, and I am already hating the bureaucracy!

3 thoughts on “Preschool wrap up”

  1. My experience (from the other side) is that if you are persistent, nice, and (more importantly) show up in person to ask, most people will let you into their class. I suggest you contact them via email beforehand and then just show up for the first class. Shows you are really interested.


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