We’re Spare Parents!

Some people have Godparents, some have Fairly Odd Parents, and now Aurore and Freya have “Spare Parents” – Mark and I!

Today Bonnie and Zenia asked us if we would accept the position, and I immediately burst into tears. Not only are Frog Chops 1 and Frog Chops 2 (Inigo has earned the moniker Frog Chops 3) two of the most adorable, sparkly eyed, feisty, clever and captivating children you could hope to meet, their parents are very special people too.

Inigo still has three of his original four “Odd Parents” who take an active role in his life, and I know the care and consideration we put in to selecting those people – people that we hoped would be a part of his life as he grew up, people that he would be able to turn to no matter what. People that would love him unconditionally, people that would be there for him if ever we couldn’t be.

It’s a special job. A sacred job. One that I am honoured to do. And feel very lucky to have the opportunity.

4 thoughts on “We’re Spare Parents!”

  1. hey – I never stop feeling proud and getting emotional about being asked to be a fairly Odd Parent to the beautiful Iggy, and I am so glad that some more people get to share your fabulousness – they are lucky to have you guys as a part of their lives (as am I)
    Big Love to you Nettleses


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