Beach holiday

We’ve been up at Pearl Beach since Christmas day night, and I think the blog fell over at some point. Mark has kicked it in the guts a few times, and apparently now has a solution that means he will be able to fix it from work. So if you notice that it is down, send me or Mark a text message so we can get it going again. That will have to do until we find a more permanent solution.

Posting pictures to the blog is kicking my butt at the moment, so I have no pics to share, but I will try to upload one or two to keep thinks interesting.

Tomorrow is the Macquarie uni open day, so we are going to check it out just in case I get an offer on the 18th. And then back to the beach house until the 7th, Mark has to be back at work on the 9th. Then normal programming will resume as I build up to the first day of preschool.

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