Happy 4th Monster Birthday Party!

My little monster turns 4 tomorrow, and we had a little party for him on the weekend. You remember, the beautiful, sunny, hot weekend? The one that started with a downpour?

Yup. Guess which part of the weekend we picked for the party?

The downpour.

This is what the park looked like when we arrived at 9am. Those shiny bits of grass were actually little lakes forming, and you had to walk through inches of water to get to the play equipment.

There was no wet weather alternative.

So I decided to stay positive, and we put up tents. Mum and dad had a marquee, and Bonnie and Zenia had two, so we were set up in no time, and the adults and babies stayed (mostly) dry while the kids had the time of their lives!

Most of the pics are already up on Facebook, but I’ll stick a few here of non-stalkbookers 🙂

And here is the commemorative t-shirts I made for the kids (and one very special adult) instead of lolly bags. We also had monster branded water bottles instead of soft drinks, and all of the food was (reasonably) healthy to make up for the toxic birthday cake.

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