If you’re interested in schools

read this.

An American journalist and his wife sent their three kids to school in Russia. A very moving piece, and doubly interesting because of the migrant and refugee kids in Australia who turn up on the first day of school here without speaking (or understanding) a word of English.

Mark and I are still struggling with our decision to send the Squish to the local public school. But articles like this make it seem like a good outcome is possible.

2 thoughts on “If you’re interested in schools”

  1. Wow, fascinating, so cool that they persevered. And obviously managed to give their kids the tools and inner strength and supportive home life taht enabled them to survive the hard early time. Reminded me of this http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/education/8462389.stm which I heard back then (2010) on the radio – amazing thing to do (not necessarily in a good way!)

    I’m sure Squish is getting all the support he needs from his wide familya nd friends, and will do well in life (I mean in a broad sense) wherever he is schooled. but think of the breadth of experuience of people he must be getting at your local school in comparison to so many of the other ones he might attend!


  2. What a fabulous article, I had tears in my eyes at the end. Am I really such a cry baby?? There are teachers who teach creatively inside the system. My AP encouraged me to explore philosophy with my class and I did teach ‘thinking’ too. I know my friends explore new ideas and ways of teaching, use Di Bono, informational research, teach resilience skills and give children ways of coping with problems and generally facilitate learning as an exciting and empowering thing!!! Good luck!!


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