We’re all about natural consequences in this house. Don’t put your dirty clothes in a dirty clothes basket? Eventually you will run out of clean underwear. Don’t pack away your toys? Mama will pack them away and she might hide them or put them in the bin.

So I can’t blame anyone but myself for this weekend.

The natural consequence for having done bugger all uni work for half a semester, is that I have until midnight tomorrow night to do two online tests. One for each subject. Worth 10%, and 12% of my total mark.

Between my gorgeous girlfriends, my fabulous in-laws, my amazing parents, and my wonderful husband, I am getting there. One down, the bulk of the work done for the other (with some major revision tomorrow), and I’ll have it done and dusted by tomorrow afternoon.

Thanks also go to my wonderful kid, who had to get used to being away from mama a lot last year, and he bears it well. And I get the most wonderful cuddles when he comes back to me πŸ™‚

Here is a little video I took of him and Mark “reading” a book last week. I thought I was filming earlier, but I missed all the good bits, him sounding out words, and the absolutely priceless expression on his little face when he works it out. He is loving reading to himself a lot now, so I hope I may get a better video soon.

3 thoughts on “Consequences”

  1. Consequences is one of the great thing we can teach our kids – but we must also remember it ourselves! πŸ˜‰

    I’m glad you have a really good support network!

    My internet connection (ah, the joys of living on the fringe of the metropolitan area) was too slow for me to watch the video but it’s very impressive that he is reading already!


  2. I was wondering why I got in trouble from Iggy for not reading all the words on the page last visit – and now I know – the little guy is keeping tabs on me… you have such a namazing kiddlette


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