A shitty, shitty day

Thank you to a dear friend who was there on the other end of the phone when I needed her. Thanks FSM for friends who think it’s ok to sob into the phone, and people who don’t call the police to investigate the crazy lady sobbing into her phone in a car outside their house. And those people who walked past thinking I was dabbing my leaking eyes with a tampon, thank you for not calling the mental health team. It was a Pure Wipe. They are quite absorbent, but do look a lot like tampons when you are sobbing in a car in a quiet suburban street.

Thank you to my parents who want to make it all better for me, but make do with taking the Squish so I can have a day off from pretending to be OK for him.

And the girl in the booze shop who didn’t ask any questions when I bought two bottles of sparkling red and a litre of gin, and then asked for a straw.

There is human kindness everywhere.

(and yes, I am “OK”. No more or less OK than I was yesterday, but today I need to cry).

6 thoughts on “A shitty, shitty day”

  1. Hugs to you. Fine weather for crying. By the way, my comment about people being happy on FB wasn’t directed at you. I appreciate your honesty about feeling shit. It’s the people that waffle on about being neither here nor there that was giving me the shits. I de-friended them.


  2. xxx

    Sorry for the shitty day, and the knowledge that there will of course be more to come.

    I hope you can take some comfort knowing that someone, somewhere is laughing at the memory of the crazy lady with the tampon in her eye šŸ˜‰


  3. I am laughing at the straw. Love you babe. You have a magical ability to make me smile even when I feel pain for your grief.


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