Semester 1. Done!

Exam finished at 11 today, and my semester is over except for waiting for results. I’ll get the unofficial exam results in about three weeks, and from there I should be able to extrapolate (or even calculate) my final grade for PSYC101.

And my essay results for PEAC102 should be winging their way to me within a couple of weeks, so I should be mostly out of my misery by mid July.

I am also hoping to be well into the books again by then too – last semesters enrolment hiccups meant delays with access, delays with textbooks, and a horrible start to the year. This semester I am going to be at least 2 weeks ahead of my readings before the start of term.

Especially since the first cab off the rank in psych 102 is stats. Bleurgh.

Whatever else happens after I get my results, I fell proud of what I have achieved this year. I made a crazy life changing decision on a whim, and I pulled it off. I hope all my boys would be proud of their mama.

3 thoughts on “Semester 1. Done!”

  1. I’m sure they all would be proud – I certainly am proud to know you!

    Do take a couple of weeks to rest before getting back into the study, won’t you?


  2. Of course, ALL of your boys would certainly be very proud of you :0) You have achieved so much . . . .
    My good friend Cassie started off like you, struggled through such a lot, just recently she received her Doctorate, she is over the moon, she never thought she would make a M.A let alone become a Dr of Psychology :0)
    Sending love X X X


  3. Awsomeness – thy name is Lara… in the last 6 months you have achieved amazing grades while maintaining fabulousness. You are an inspiration to me darling


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