But this time, it means more. I was less familiar with the materials, but scored slightly higher. And loads of people thought this test was harder, so the mean was a lot lower than the first test, and I got almost two standard deviations above the mean.

No, I don’t understand what that means, but I will after next semester!

With my marks so far, I need to get 85% on the exam for an HD, or 70% for a D. And if I don’t get a distinction, I’m going to drop one unit next semester so that I can concentrate on getting better marks in PSYC102. Between PSYC101 and PSYC102, I need one distinction and one credit in order to be able to transfer to psych with honours.

Correction – I don’t need good results until I get into second year subjects. At the end of second year, if I do well, I can transfer, so that at 3rd year I am doing preparation subjects for Hons. Bloody confusing this stuff, but it means I don’t need to panic if I don’t get 100% on the exam…

4 thoughts on “95%”

    1. It just means that I no longer have to get a massive mark on my final exam to make sure I get a Distinction – I can bust a gut when I do second year subjects instead 🙂

      I am still going to try really hard, but I won’t be crushed if I don’t get a distinction.


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