Mama, how do girls pee if they haven’t got a penis?

You’d be surprised at the vast array of things girls can do without a penis my darling….

Perhaps it’s to early to be discussing sexism and the other horrors of the world? I’ve told him that Libyans are getting killed because they don’t like their boss, that Japan got a big owie and it might get a lot bigger, and that having a morals clause on permanent residency is just plain mean, but I am not sure that feminism is going to sink in, since he is still not exactly sure what the difference between girls and boys is.


3 thoughts on “Mama, how do girls pee if they haven’t got a penis?”

  1. I recall agreeing for my son to go pee on the lime tree in the garden at around 5yrs old, only to have my daughter, 2.5 hrs jnr, proceed to follow suit by dropping her pants, thrusting her hips forward and urinating all over herself. Sigh.

    Way way way before becoming a parent I read and loved “Even Cowgirls get the Blues” by Tom Robbins (1976), in which the main character Sissy Hankshaw invents a detachable penis. This device was developed for the purposes of a chick peeing while standing up…I think it had something to do with the ability to do so out of a window BUT I’ll have to read the novel l,,again.

    Anyway…..Sissy Hankshaw’s detachable penis came to mind while my daugter tried to pee on a lime tree. As did a flood of thoughts about how to hand on the feminist flag from mother to daughter. Squish is just one of many but probably a force of nature once he gets his head around it all.

    My daughter, now 4.5yrs, recently asked me “why do you have hair on your bum?” After stupidly checking my naked backside my daughter clarified that she was referring to my front bum. Sigh.

    So a discussion ensued regarding pubic hair and “boobies” when she is MUCH older AND how such female assets are beautiful and natural despite her referring to my front bum hair as “yucky.”

    Gawd help me. Last night Miss 4 caught me frantically shaving my hippy armpits before going out for dinner in a strappy dress. “Mummy are you getting rid of your yucky hair?”

    The challenge of even basic feminism is a torch to bear for all women…….from 4yrs and above.


  2. Well, I think you need to lay some groundwork before school.

    Comments from other kids at school (even a rather alternative school) have forced me into multiple rounds of “Dinosaurs are for girls too, your Aunt has dinosaur models, doesn’t she?” “Robots are for girls too” “You can be a construction worker if you like, you’re good at building things”. That’s just the ones I remember recently … I’ve had plenty of feminist chats with my 2 girls, and the eldest is only nearly 6.

    Oh, and body part discussions, discussions about why I don’t wear makeup much or shave. Healthy eating and body image discussions. And a few anti-advertising rants, as well 😉

    I sincerely hope there are a few Mums of boys doing the same thing, otherwise, my 2 will be rather lonely and frustrated teens/adults….


    1. Don’t you worry Ginevra, there will be plenty of indoctrination here – I just wonder when I should expect him to understand and pay attention. Perhaps three is a mite too early?


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